Hand Blown Glass Wine Decanters

functional works of art created from

Recycled Wine Bottles!

Award-Winning Glassblower and Master Craftsman Seth Brayer has
created hand-blown glass decanters made from recycled wine bottles.


  • Each decanter is individually hand-made in a 2200 degree gas-fired chamber, making each one a completely unique work of functional art.
  • Every decanter comes with a hand-blown glass funnel with an aerating diffusion system designed to oxygenate the wine during the decanting process.

  • The necks of the bottles are flared out to encourage a smooth pour.
  • All PyroCycled wine bottle decanters undergo a thorough annealing process to improve strength and durability during the decanting process.
  • Decanter is carefully packed in a presentation gift box.


Sustainably Minded

Artisan Crafted

in Santa Barbara, CA


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